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    SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge: 26/51: Kconfig and makefile.

    On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 03:34, Roman Zippel wrote:
    > Please don't use such indentations.
    > There is no need to use to select here either. If you really want to make
    > it modular (and you can convince Christoph), you want to do something like
    > this:

    I think I've caught on to what you're meaning. Is this better?

    menu "Software Suspend 2"

    tristate "Software Suspend 2"
    depends on PM
    Software Suspend 2 is the 'new and improved' suspend support. You
    can now build it as modules, but be aware that this requires
    initrd support (the modules you use in saving the image have to
    be loaded in order for you to be able to resume!)

    See the Software Suspend home page (
    for FAQs, HOWTOs and other documentation.

    def_bool SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2

    comment 'Image Storage (you need at least one writer)'

    tristate ' Swap Writer'
    depends on SWAP && SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2
    This option enabled support for storing an image in your
    swap space. Swap partitions are supported. Swap file
    support is currently broken (16 April 2004).

    comment 'Page Transformers'

    tristate ' LZF image compression (Preferred)'
    This option enables compression of pages stored during suspending
    to disk, using LZF compression. LZF compression is fast and
    still achieves a good compression ratio.

    You probably want to say 'Y'.

    tristate ' GZIP image Compression (Slow)'
    select ZLIB_DEFLATE
    select ZLIB_INFLATE
    This option enables compression of pages stored during Software Suspend
    process. Pages are compressed using the zlib library, with a default
    setting (in code) of fastest compression (still VERY slow!). If your swap
    device is painfully slow compared to your CPU, you might possibly want
    this. Then again, you might just want to upgrade your storage (if you

    Just in case you haven't gotten the hint yet, this option should be off
    for most people. If will make your computer take a minute to suspend
    when it could take seconds.

    tristate ' Device Mapper support'
    depends on BLK_DEV_DM
    This option creates a module which allows Suspend to tell the
    device mapper code to allocate enough memory for its work while
    suspending. It doesn't do anything else, but without it, dm-crypt
    won't work properly.

    This option should be off for most people.

    comment 'User Interface Options'

    tristate ' Bootsplash support'
    depends on BOOTSPLASH
    This option enables support for Bootsplash ( Suspend
    can set the progress bar value and switch between silent and verbose
    modes. (Silent mode is used when the debug level is 0 or 1).

    tristate ' Text mode console support'
    depends on VT
    This option enables support for a text mode 'nice display'. If you don't
    have/want bootsplash support, you probably want this.

    comment 'General Options'

    string ' Default resume device name'
    You normally need to add a resume2= parameter to your lilo.conf or
    equivalent. With this option properly set, the kernel has a value
    to default. No damage will be done if the value is invalid.

    bool ' Allow Keep Image Mode'
    This option allows you to keep and image and reuse it. It is intended
    __ONLY__ for use with systems where all filesystems are mounted read-
    only (kiosks, for example). To use it, compile this option in and boot
    normally. Set the KEEP_IMAGE flag in /proc/software_suspend and suspend.
    When you resume, the image will not be removed. You will be unable to turn
    off swap partitions (assuming you are using the swap writer), but future
    suspends simply do a power-down. The image can be updated using the
    kernel command line parameter suspend_act= to turn off the keep image
    bit. Keep image mode is a little less user friendly on purpose - it
    should not be used without thought!

    comment 'Debugging'

    bool ' Compile in debugging output'
    This option enables the inclusion of debugging info in the software
    suspend code. Turning it off will reduce the kernel size but make
    debugging suspend & resume issues harder to do.

    For normal usage, this option can be turned off.

    tristate ' Compile checksum module'
    This option enables compilation of a checksumming module, which can
    be used to verify the correct operation of suspend.

    For normal usage, this option can be turned off.


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