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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC/v1][4/12] Add InfiniBand SA (Subnet Administration) query support
    Sam> Nitpicking.

Great, thanks for the help :) I'll fix these up before our next
version of the patches are posted.

Sam> It's more readable to keep .o files on one line.

OK, I will reformat our Makefiles. (I used the old style because it's
easier to add/remove source files, but I think you're right that it's
better to optimize for readability rather than the rare event of
adding/removing sources)

Sam> For new stuff please use ib_core-y :=

OK, no problem (until a few days ago I didn't even know -y was
equivalent to -obj, let alone preferred).

Sam> .h files for a subsystem like this ought to be placed in
Sam> include/infiniband if they will be used by files in other
Sam> directories than drivers/infiniband

Right now all the code is in drivers/infiniband. However Christoph
suggested moving the .h files to include/infiniband as well. I have
no problem moving the includes (and as you point out this eliminates
having to add a -I to our CFLAGS), but on the other hand do we want to
add a new toplevel include directory for what is still admittedly a
minor subsystem?

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