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    SubjectRe: sparse segfaults
    >For example, the "nested function" thing makes something as simple as a
    >missing end brace cause the error reporting to be totally off, when gcc

    Oh yeah I've experienced that myself (and ever since, fear nested functions).
    The compiler generates like "nested_function.0" for a nested function entitled
    "nested_function". So far so good, but GDB does not now "nested_function.0",
    even if it is a valid symbol according to `nm`. Sigh.

    >Same goes for the "extended lvalues". They are not only insane, but they
    >mean that code like
    > (0,i) = 1;
    >extension - does anybody actually admit to ever _using_ comma- expressions
    >for assignments?)

    Not in C, at least. And neither in C++. (Only Perl if you ask, but that has
    vastly different semantics for "($thing,$anoterthing)".)

    I totally agree that some extensions are like superfluous. Some may say "nice
    to have", but go make a survey and ask how many users use them. Bet zero on
    the average? ;)

    Jan Engelhardt
    Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung
    Am Fassberg, 37077 Göttingen,
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