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    SubjectRe: sparse segfaults

    On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    > >BAD gcc extensions:
    > You don't have to use them...

    We don't, generally. But they are bad even if you DON'T use them, because
    they sometimes make obvious syntax errors etc much harder to debug.

    For example, the "nested function" thing makes something as simple as a
    missing end brace cause the error reporting to be totally off, when gcc
    decides that "hey, that's ok, those other function declarations are just
    nested functions in the middle of that other function". So you get
    something like

    file.c: lastline: parse error at end of input

    even though the _real_ parse error could have been pinpointed exactly if
    gcc did NOT do it's totally braindamaged nested functions. IOW, the
    extension causes problems even when you don't use it.

    Same goes for the "extended lvalues". They are not only insane, but they
    mean that code like

    (0,i) = 1;

    actually compiles. Why is that a problem? Because some people (ie me) have
    used constructs like this in macros to make sure that the macro is
    "read-only", ie you have a situation where you don't want people to
    mis-use the macro on some architecture. So having

    int max_of_something;
    #define MAX_SOMETHING (0,max_of_something)

    is actually a nice way to make sure nobody does anything like

    MAX_SOMETHING = new;

    but the gcc extension means that this doesn't actually work.

    (Yes, I've been bitten by this. And no, I don't see the _point_ of the
    extension - does anybody actually admit to ever _using_ comma- expressions
    for assignments?)

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