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SubjectRe: modprobe + request_module() deadlock
> > They can't actually probe themself.  It's _one_ PCI device (driven by
> > the saa7134 module) which can handle (among other v4l-related things)
> > the DMA transfer of mpeg streams. That can be used in different ways
> > (or not at all) and the different use cases are handled by the
> > sub-modules.
> >
> > So the way it is intended to work is that saa7134 has the pci table and
> > gets autoloaded by hotplug, it will have a look at the hardware and then
> > load either saa7134-empress or saa7134-dvb or none of them, so you'll
> > get everything nicely autoloaded.
> The saa7146 driver seems to have a working solution for this
> problem: The PCI ids are registered to the subdrivers (e.g. dvb-ttpci
> or mxb) so that these are loaded via hotplug. They then register to the
> saa7146 core as an "extension" module, and the core then does the probing.
> Grep for saa7146_register_extension().

That would be kida ugly because I'd need a dummy module then for the
cards which need neither saa7134-empress nor saa7134-dvb (which is true
for most of the existing cards btw).

I can fix that in the driver, by delaying the request_module() somehow
until the saa7134 module initialization is finished. I don't think that
this is a good idea through as it looks like I'm not the only one with
that problem ...


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