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SubjectRe: [patch] inotify: idr stuff
On Monday 01 November 2004 15:28, Robert Love wrote:
>MAX_ID_MASK is already set to the maximum IDR value, so we don't
> need to add IDR_MAX_ID. I know this was my idea--I was, uh, being
>metaphoric. :)
>Plus, MAX_ID_MASK is computed based on IDR_BITS, so it is "always
>Also add an IWATCHES_HARD_LIMIT, set to MAX_ID_MASK, instead of
> using MAX_ID_MASK directly.
>Finally, this uncovers that idr.h is not protected against double
>inclusion, so wrap it in ifndef's.
> Robert Love

Anybody know whats going on, I just got 8 copies of this

Cheers, Gene
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