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SubjectRe: 2.4.27 suddenly hangs
Simon Braunschmidt wrote:

> I have a similar problem at the moment, i have setup my box with
> gentoo and now i get hardlocks from time to time (time < 1.5 days),
> happens with and without x, kernel 2.4.27 untainted, with apic on and
> off, acpi on and off, apm on and off...
> @zergio: Can you tell me if it only happened with 2.4.27?

No, it had happened with 2.4.20 kernel.

> The system is really stuck when it crashes. My wireless keyboard has a
> led to indicate traffic, an when system hangs, not even the led would
> blink, it just stays in either on or off state (its normaly off). No
> disk activity, mouse is locked, display remains unchanged ( nv or
> plain (non-fbdev) console). Havent tried so far to reach the box over
> network, but is suspect it will not work.
> @developers:
> Maybe thats a hint, could it be that a broken keyboard induces such
> behaviour?
> Im going to change kernel to 2.4.24 (had uptimes > 14 days with it)
> and see if it helps.
> As far as i can see, nothing was written to the logs, no messages, it
> just peacefully dies...

In my case it has happened with and without keyboard and with keyboard
connected to D-Link KVM Switch

> zergio schrieb:
>> Hello, all!
>> I‘m not sure that the below problem is kernel related, however, I
>> think, this mailing list is the best place to start. I've got 2x1.8
>> Xeon on Intel SE7500CW2 motherboard with Intel SCSI RAID (GDT
>> driver). The system powered by Red Hat Linux 7.3 with custom kernel
>> version 2.4.27.
>> Occasionally, the system just hangs, without giving any error messages
> how long is occasionaly?

There is no strict period of time. Some time server up for couple of
month. Recently the issue occured twice within 7 days.
It've happened 7 time during last half a year or so.

>> to syslog or any panic-like messages to the screen. No response to
>> ping. Usually it happens on weekends in early hours, but not at
>> particular time and day, when users’ activity is minimal. Couple of
>> times the last few messages before, the hang had strange timestamps.
>> It seems like the system time entered a TIME LOOP within a period of
>> 1 second.
>> Nov 6 05:37:31 service dhcpd: Message...
>> Nov 6 05:37:32 service named: Message...
>> Nov 6 05:37:31 service named: Message...
>> Almost all the time last messages came from different services,
>> except three times, when mgetty was the last. I'd updated mgetty,
>> pppd, kernel (from 2.4.20), BIOS, dhcpd etc., however, the problem
>> remains.
>> Can anyone tell me, how I can detect, what application or hardware
>> cause such a problem.
>> Any ideas would be appreciated.
>> Thank you in advance
>> These are services being run on the server:
>> gpm
>> named
>> iptables
>> crond
>> ldap
>> smb
>> xinetd (swat amanda)
>> autofs
>> nfs
>> qmail
>> sqwebmail
>> dhcpd
>> ups
>> sshd
>> firebird
>> ntpd
>> httpd
>> arpwatch
>> drwebd
>> mgetty
>> pppd
>> postgresql
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