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Subject2.6.9-bb2 released.
You can find all on

Changes in both 2.6.9-bb2 against 2.6.9-bb1:
- updated most bugs of -bb1 which were reported
- fixed the Gentoo/NPTL issue, thanks to Bodo Stroesser (sorry for forgetting
the credit on the changelog, but I'm leaving for one day in a few minutes):
but you must still compile Uml disabling CONFIG_MODE_TT (and obviously use the
SKAS patch you find on the same site).

More info on the website "Changelog" page.

Distribution (like -bb1):

* the patch are also in split-out form, both web-browsable and tarballed.
* md5sums are available (to test with "md5sum -c *.md5").

Any testing and report is welcome.

Hope It Rocks!
Paolo Giarrusso, aka Blaisorblade
Linux registered user n. 292729
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