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SubjectRe: IT8212 in 2.6.9-ac6 no raid 0 or raid 1

Alan Cox wrote:
> On Llu, 2004-11-08 at 21:14, Robert Toole wrote:
>>Alan, thanks for your work on the ITE8212 controllers.
>>Just tried your ac-6 patch for 2.6.9 on my embedded Raid controller.
>>with the controller set up in normal (No raid mode) everything is good.
>>When I try raid 0 or 1, I get the INVALID GEOMETRY: 0 PHYSICAL HEADS?
>>error, and the raid device is not accessible after boot.
> RAID needs -ac7 which I'll post tomorrow. Bartlomiej found a bug in the
> -ac7 draft code when I submitted it for 2.6.10rc merging so it slipped a
> day.
> Alan
I installed -ac7 yesterday, and have been testing for 24 hours now with
no problems. (It's way better than the scsi hack from ITE) There is just
one thing, the driver did not enable DMA by default, needless to say
performance was awful. I turned it on with hdparm and everything appears
ok. Is this by design due to the experimental nature of the driver?

I am testing by copying about 400 mb of files from one folder to another
on the raid array, over and over again. Is there a howto or test
software out there for better method to *really* hammer on the driver?

Robert Toole
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