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    SubjectRe: [openib-general] InfiniBand incompatible with the Linux kernel?
        Jeff> Read the member agreement :) It -explicitly- does -not-
    Jeff> require waiving of patent claims related to any
    Jeff> implementation of IB.

    Jeff> That's different from ATA, SCSI, USB, the list goes on...

    Fair enough, but read the Bluetooth SIG patent agreement [1]. As far
    as I can tell, all it requires is that other SIG members receive a
    patent license. Do we need to do rm -rf net/bluetooth? IEEE only
    requires that patents be licensed under RAND terms (it does not even
    require royalty free licensing) [2]. Time for rm -rf drivers/ieee1394?

    The code that we have written so far is pretty standard driver code,
    so I have a hard time believing that the IB drivers are any more at
    risk than any other Linux code. There may be good and valid reasons
    not to merge IB drivers upstream, but I'd be very disappointed if this
    FUD about patents is what keeps them out.



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