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SubjectRe: [openib-general] InfiniBand incompatible with the Linux kernel?
Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Greg KH <> writes:
>>[2] Sure, any person who has a copy of the kernel source tree could be a
>>target for any of a zillion other potential claims, nothing new there,
>>but the point here is they are explicitly stating that they will go
>>after non-IBTA members who touch IB code[3].
> Greg I see nothing to back up the idea that IBTA intends to go after
> non-members. I simply see a disclaimer of warranty, and I see wording
> by your anonymous source that restates a disclaimer of warranty.

Well, let's not rely on anonymous sources and go straight to the web
site, shall we?

Ordering copies of the spec, for non-members:

Key note: use of spec is only granted for NON-COMMERCIAL use

Now, let's look at the membership agreement for IBTA:

Key note: The point is made repeatedly that there are no patent grants
simply by being a member.

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