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SubjectRe: 2.6.9-rc3-mm3: vm-thrashing-control-tuning
Hideo AOKI <> wrote:
> Since I made the patch for 2.6.9-rc3, the patch caused trouble
> to sysctl code in -mm tree.
> Attached patch fixes this issue.


Have you been doing any performance measurements on the thrash-control

I went back to my original notes from when the patch was first being tested and
I had:

mem=256m, without, ./qsbench -p 4 -m 96

./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.50s user 3.92s system 9% cpu 5:34.26 total
./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.77s user 4.19s system 9% cpu 5:41.38 total
./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.22s user 4.17s system 9% cpu 5:16.75 total


./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.40s user 2.08s system 35% cpu 1:23.67 total
./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.70s user 2.14s system 30% cpu 1:38.92 total
./qsbench -p 4 -m 96 27.03s user 1.79s system 39% cpu 1:13.16 total

But now I am unable to get anything remotely near the 1-2 minute runtimes
with this workload on current kernels. Which means that either we broke it
again or I originally mismeasured it somehow.

I'm wondering if you've been able to notice any performance improvements
from the thrashing control and if so, how much and on what workload?
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