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SubjectRe: Possible GPL Violation of Linux in Amstrad's E3 Videophone
Alan Cox wrote:

>If you look at the motivation you'd then have to ask yourself why they
>would want to do that given that a) They from the start said publically
>"its using Linux" and b) Are dropping custom (well probably bought in
>mostly) apps onto a generic reference platform.
>Not only they seem to be behaving but I can see no obvious game
>advantages for them to cheat.
>One thing that certainly would be interesting as a thought experiment
>for the legal bods (the real ones) would be what occurs if the license
>on a couple of essential bits of the kernel was to say
> GPL v 2 blah bla
> or you may choose to distribute the software without source
> code for $100,000 per product you ship it in.
>This would then also give both a Judge and the thief a clear crystalised
>value for damages....


The following is submitted based on your comment.

I was intrigued by your proposal for a binary license, so I
discussed it with my business associates.

We offer to the sum of $50,000.00 US for a one time
license to the Linux Kernel Source for a single snapshot of
a single Linux version by release number. This offer must be
accepted by **ALL** copyright holders and this snapshot will
subsequently convert the GPL license into a BSD style license
for the code. In other words, what we are asking for is the ability
to snapshot at 50K a pop for a license to each
2.<even number> release, then take any even number release
private. This allows all changes to a 2.<even number>
release to be used for a particular release per license without
returning changes. This money will be made payable to
and must be accepted by everyone.

If you think this is a good idea, we are prepared to actually
execute on this proposal. This is for real, and let me know
who to make the check out to.

Please advise.


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