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SubjectRe: Default cache_hot_time value back to 10ms
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Nick Piggin <> wrote:
>>Any idea when 2.6.9 will be coming out?
> Before -mm hits 1000 patches, I hope.
> 2.6.8 wasn't really super-stable and our main tool for getting the quality
> is to stretch the release times, give us time to shake things out. The
> release time is largely driven by perceptions of current stability, bug
> report rates, etc.
> A current guess would be -rc4 later this week, 2.6.9 late next week. We'll
> see.
> One way of advancing that is to get down and work on bugs in current -linus
> tree, yes?
> If this still doesn't seem to be working out and if 2.6.9 isn't as good as
> we'd like I'll consider shutting down -mm completely once we hit -rc2 so
> people have nothing else to do apart from fix bugs in, and test -linus.
> We'll see.

OK thanks for the explanation.

Any thoughts about making -rc's into -pre's, and doing real -rc's?
It would have caught the NFS bug that made, and probably
the cd burning problems... Or is Linus' patching finger just too
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