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SubjectRe: Preempt? (was Re: Cannot enable DMA on SATA drive (SCSI-libsata, VIA SATA))

On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 10:07:34PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Hiding that stuff means that users and developers won't see code paths
> that need fixing. If users and developers aren't aware of code paths

with any decent profiler places where we're wasting cpus will showup
immediatatly, one obvious example that I can recall is the pte_chains
rmap code, that wasn't necessairly high latency but still it was very
wasteful in terms of cpu, was always at the top of the profiling.

So I disagree with your claim that preempt risks to hide inefficient
code, there are many other (probably easier) ways to detect inefficient
code than to check the latencies.

The one argument I've against preempt is that the claim that preempt
doesn't spread cond_resched all over the place is false. It can spread
even more of them as implicit ones. They're not visible to the developer
but they're visible to the cpu. So disabling preempt and putting
finegriend cond_resched should allow us to optimize the code better, and
actually _reduce_ the number of cond_resched (cond_resched as the ones
visible to the cpu, not the ones visible to the kernel developer).

I wonder if anybody ever counted the number of implicit cond_resched
placed by preempt and compared them to the number of explicit
cond_resched needed without preempt.
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