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    SubjectRe: HP C2502 SCSI card (NCR 53C400A based) not working
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > On Sul, 2004-10-31 at 12:22, Ondrej Zary wrote:
    >>I have an old ISA SCSI card that came with HP ScanJet IIP scanner. It's
    >>HP C2502 card based on NCR 53C400A chip. I was unable to get it working
    >>with g_NCR5380 driver so I tried loading the official MINI400I.SYS
    >>driver in DOSemu. I was surprised that the values sent to the ports are
    >>not the same as in the g_NCR5380 driver.
    > It should work in 2.4 providing you use the loading options for
    > ncr53c400a and set a port and no IRQ (read mine did). What options are
    > you trying ?

    I forgot to say that I'm trying this in 2.6.9. I've tried options like this:
    ncr_53c400a=1 ncr_addr=0x350 ncr_irq=255
    also tried ncr_53c400=1 (without the 'a'), various addresses and IRQs.
    It never worked. I always get "scsi0: bus busy, attempting abort", etc.
    and even Oops sometimes.

    >>According to this, I think that my card has the 53C400A chip registers
    >>mapped to different addresses (offsets) but I'm unable to determine what
    >>the mapping is. I was also unable to find the 53C400A datasheet which
    >>might help a bit.
    > The 53c400a can be programming to an address by software - either by
    > magic sequences or I believe according to pin strapping by ISAPnP.

    My card has no jumpers - only solder points for two 3-pin jumpers and it
    doesn't look like it can do ISAPnP.
    I've made a simple test program in pascal to test the magic sequences in
    DOS. The card ignores the magic sequences that the g_NCR5380 driver
    uses. When I use the sequences obtained from MINI400I.SYS using DOSemu,
    it "works" - I can read/write the card's registers at the configured
    base address. The IRQ (2,3,4,5 and 7) can be configured by the magic
    sequence too (by setting the high-order bits in the last number in the
    So I know how to configure my card, maybe I should try to add it to the
    driver (e.g. by adding ncr_53c400a_hp=1 parameter). If I only could get
    the register mapping correctly (I think that this is the problem now).

    The g_NCR5380 driver moves the base address by +8 bytes for 53C400 chips
    (but not for 53C400A) and defines the 53C400 specifis register offsets
    negative. This looks weird to me - either the 53C400A does not have
    these additional registers or the driver is broken and is trying to
    access these registers outside the I/O range on 53C400A.

    > Its been a long time since I touched such junk however and if you want
    > to do anything useful with your computer while scanning (like waving the
    > mouse point around) get something else!

    I know it's old, cheap and bad - I just want to make it work. I remember
    that it worked in DOS/Windows 3.1. I was not successful in Windows 98 -
    although there is an official driver from HP.

    P.S. I've removed the Ingmar Baumgart's e-mail address from CC as it
    does not work.

    Ondrej Zary

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