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    SubjectRe: Merging DRM and fbdev
    On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 11:38:39 -0700 (PDT), Mike Mestnik
    <> wrote:
    > What about moving the DRM and FB specific code into there own per card
    > libs?
    > radeon - attached to hardware
    > radeon-drm
    > drm - library
    > radeon-fb
    > fb - library
    > fbcon - library

    Fell free to convert the merged radeon driver in to a driver plus two
    libs if you want. I'll accept the patch back. You'll need to wait
    until I get the merged driver working.

    What I don't want is two independent implementations of the hardware
    initialization code like we currently have. The point of merging is to
    make sure that a single logical driver programs the hardware is a
    consistent way.

    We spend so much time talking about splitting the radeon driver into
    pieces. But I don't hear anyone saying I can't ship my product because
    the radeon driver is 120K and all I can handle is 60K. I'm not going
    to spend a week's work breaking things up and testing them just
    because of some theoretical need for a non-existant embedded system.
    When this hypothetical embedded system shows up the people making the
    money off from the system can do the work.

    If an embedded system is really that memory constrained they should
    just use the existing fbdev radeon driver. There is no way a system
    with that little of memory needs to worry about VT switching to X with

    Jon Smirl
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