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Subject[PATCH 0/8] sonypi driver update

The following patches update the sonypi driver to the latest version.

The main changes in those patches are:
- migrate to module_param();
- power management: switch to a platform device, drop old PM code;
- add full input support for the special keys;
- whitespace, coding style related changes.

Full changelog below, the patches will be send as followups to this one.

Please apply.



PATCH 1/8: sonypi: module related fixes
* use module_param() instead of MODULE_PARM() and __setup()

PATCH 2/8: sonypi: replace homebrew queue with kfifo

PATCH 3/8: sonypi: power management related fixes
* switch from a sysdev to a platform device
* drop old style PM code
* use pci_get_device()/pci_dev_put() instead of pci_find_device()

PATCH 4/8: sonypi: rework input support
* feed most of special keys through the input subsystem
* initialize two separate input devices: a mouse like one for
the jogdial and a keyboard like one for the special keys

PATCH 5/8: sonypi: make CONFIG_SONYPI depend on CONFIG_INPUT since the latter is no more

PATCH 6/8: sonypi: don't suppose the bluetooth subsystem is initialy off,
leave the choice to the user.

PATCH 7/8: sonypi: whitespace and coding style fixes

PATCH 8/8: sonypi: bump up the version number

Stelian Pop <>
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