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SubjectRe: [patch] Real-Time Preemption, -RT-2.6.9-mm1-V0.4

* K.R. Foley <> wrote:

> I have been having problems on my UP system at home with all of the
> more recent patches (since U10.X). Some would boot and then the
> networking was severely busted (slowdowns, hangs, etc.), some would
> not even boot. V0.4.3 was of the no boot variety. Just for grins I
> disabled kudzu, and the thing boots fine with no networking or other
> problems. This very well may have been a fluke, but I have
> successfully booted this kernel twice now. It did hang on a reboot at
> the point when it should have been doing the actual reboot and I had
> to press the button. I didn't have time this morning to turn kudzu
> back on to see if was just a fluke that it didn't boot the first time.
> Not sure what, if anything, this means, but V0.4.3 is running very
> nicely on my UP system with no lag or noticeable problems.

just to make sure - could try to run kudzu manually after bootup and
observe what happens? Do you have a udev based system? I recently
corrupted my udev database via a crash and had to remove the
/dev/.udev.tdb file and had to regenerate it via 'udevstart'. (be
careful doing that though, it might mess up your system.) The symtoms
were a hung kudzu - while in reality it 'hung' because udev and udevinfo
processes looped in userspace forever. Weirdly, the stock Fedora kernel
didnt hang in this same phase, so there might still be a

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