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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] Restricted hard realtime

* Karim Yaghmour <> wrote:

> >with -RT-V0.3 i get lower than 20 usec _maximum_ latencies during
> >'./hackbench 20'. (the average latency is 1 usec) So while i'm not yet
> >in the sub-femtosecond category, things are looking pretty good in
> Just curious: what's the setup here? (CPU speed, peripherals, distro,
> applications being run to load the system, etc.) [...]

2 GHz Athlon running stock Fedora Core. './hackbench 20' was the

> I'm assuming that the timings are measured using the tracing
> functionality currently in the patches.

no, i used a user-space timing app called 'realfeel', but the numbers
were corroborated by the in-kernel tracer too.

but ... the best test would be if you tried the patch, it's not hard ;)
There are newer versions since i did the above measurement and testing
feedback is always welcome.

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