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    SubjectRe: The naming wars continue...
    > The subject line of my announcement was
    > Subject: Linux 2.6.9-rc4 - pls test (and no more patches)
    > and the body was
    > Ok,
    > trying to make ready for the real 2.6.9 in a week or so, so please give
    > this a beating, and if you have pending patches, please hold on to them
    > for a bit longer, until after the 2.6.9 release. It would be good to have
    > a 2.6.9 that doesn't need a dot-release immediately ;)
    > The appended shortlog gives a pretty good idea of what has been going on.
    > Mostly small stuff, with some architecture updates and an ACPI update
    > thrown in for good measure.
    > (plus the shortlog).
    > Not exactly "hidden", was it?

    To sum up, why don't you call everything before you reach this point
    -pre and then when you decide to write the mail and realise you want
    to say no more patches just check in patch calling it -rc ? you claim
    you don't know when to diffrentiate between -pre and -rc, (or maybe
    you don't care) well how do you decide to write the above e-mail? I
    think that would satisfy nearly everyone and I don't see what would be
    so different from your POV, but it is in the end up to you...

    > So far, nobody has had a good reason. People are just complaining, because
    > this is an area where you can complain without actually having any real
    > hard technical input. It's "easy" to have an opinion.
    > So guys, look at the big picture. Is this really worth worrying over?

    There has been a fair bit of bike shedding going on... so I think we
    should use some sort of timber and paint it red...

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