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SubjectRe: [patch] Real-Time Preemption, -RT-2.6.9-mm1-V0
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * K.R. Foley <> wrote:
>>Actually pertaining to V0.2. I just got my UP system booted up on V0.2
>>and got this in the log. I did notice that this is not new to this
>>release. It has been here at least since U10.3. Sorry I didn't catch
>>it sooner.
>>Oct 25 13:31:56 daffy kernel: IRQ#11 thread RT prio: 43.
>>Oct 25 13:31:56 daffy kernel: ip/2432: BUG in enable_irq at
> this is pretty harmless and has been happening in -mm for some time. The
> e100 device will work fine afterwards.
> Ingo

Several things in regard to V0.2:

1) Interactive responsiveness seems to be noticably sluggish at times on
all three of the systems I have tested this on.
2) My 450MHz UP system is definitely the worst by far. Scrolling through
the syslog in a telnet session produces pauses every few seconds for
about a second, that is while it's still responding. These problems seem
to be network related, but there are no indications of what the problem
is. This system also at times will just stop responding to network requests.
3) Both of the SMP systems are lacking the snappy responsiveness in X
that I have become accustomed to with previous patches, but the 2.6GHz
Xeon (w/HT) is worse than the 933MHz Xeon. Again no indications of
problems in the logs.
4) Using amlat to run the RTC at 1kHz will kill any of these systems
very quickly.


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