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    SubjectRe: My thoughts on the "new development model"
    Bill Davidsen wrote:

    > I don't see the need for a development kernel, and it is desirable to be
    > able to run kernels.

    Problem is, 'release' kernels are quite buggy. For example 2.6.9
    has a long list of bugs:

    - superio parports don't work
    - TCP networking using TSO gives memory allocation failures
    - s390 has a serious security bug (sacf)
    - ppp hangup is broken with some peers
    - exec leaks POSIX timer memory and loses signals
    - auditing can deadlock
    - O_DIRECT and mmap IO can't be used together
    - procfs shows the wrong parent PID in some cases
    - i8042 fails to initialize with some boards using legacy USB
    - kswapd still goes into a frenzy now and then

    Sure, the next release will (may?) fix these bugs, but it will definitely
    add a whole set of new ones.

    --Chuck Ebbert 26-Oct-04 01:36:21
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