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SubjectRe: My thoughts on the "new development model"
Am Saturday, 23. October 2004 00:58 schrieb Lee Revell:
> On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 23:52 +0200, Espen Fjellvær Olsen wrote:
> > I think that 2.6 should be frozen from now on, just security related
> > stuff should be merged.
> > This would strengthen Linux's reputation as a stable and secure
> > system, not a unstable and a system just used for fun.
> My $0.02:
> Part of the reasoning behind the new development model is that if you
> want a stable kernel, there are many vendors who will give you one. The
I don't trust them :)
> new dev model is partially driven by vendors and developers desire to
> get their features into mainline quicker. There is an inherent
> stability cost associated with this, but the price is only paid by users
> who want stability AND the latest kernel. The big players
> all seem to agree that the new development model better suits users and
> their own needs. The distros are in a better position to determine what
> constitutes a stable kernel anyway, they have millions of users to test
> on. Let the vendors AND the kernel hackers do what they are each best
> at.
Vendors are interested in making money, kernel hackers are interested in
bringing the kernel forward, Admins are interested in keeping their Servers
It looks like we need a Community driven Enterprise Kernel.
We decided to start testing with 2.6.10 and use it if there are no Problems.
Maybe there are other Admins doing the same and we can start our own
Enterprise Kernel.
Sombody interested in such a Project?

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