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SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
Rene Herman wrote:

> I'd actually prefer AMD, but the AMD market isn't offfering a solution
> comparable to Intel's integrated video. That means AMD and VIA and the
> like are loosing (some, mine at least :-) money since they don't have a
> graphics solution comparable to Intel, in terms of openness and
> basicness. I believe really only nForce and (to a degree; I hardly see
> it) ATI IGP are available in the AMD motherboard market. If you could
> produce something as good or better as Intel's, you might want to go
> talk to VIA, or AMD directly, and have them license it from you and
> massproduce it into their chipsets.

Well, there are the via k8m800 chipsets. That's (I believe?) a unichrome2
IGP, which should have opensource DRI support via (caveat
- I have a unichrome1 in an epia M1000, not the athlon64 variant). It's no
hot-rod performer, but it's good enough for tuxracer and neverball. I have
no idea how it really compares performance-wise to the intel stuff, but it
does at least have open drivers and reasonable GL acceleration.

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