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SubjectRe: My thoughts on the
Am Saturday, 23. October 2004 15:27 schrieb Alban Browaeys:
> > It looks like we need a Community driven Enterprise Kernel.
> > We decided to start testing with 2.6.10 and use it if there are no
> > Problems.
> > Maybe there are other Admins doing the same and we can start our own
> > Enterprise Kernel.
> Hum Debian or is it driven by money ?
We (Lycos-Europe) are running Debian on several hundred Servers and as far
as I know the Woody Kernel's are not usable on most of this Servers.
So we are using a 2.4 vanilla kernel with some patches on these Systems.
> I bet Community Driven Entreprise Kernel is way better in marketing than
> debian kernel though are we not driven by stability ...
I used the buzz word cause it was the standard answer if somebody asked.
I think there are many Admins who have to find a good 2.6 Release
and have than the work to maintain it.
Doing it together will save a lot of time.
Only a idea, at least my english is not good enough to realize this.


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