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Subject2.6.9-mm1: LVM stopped working

Well, I gave a try to last -mm tree. The bot seemed good till it got to
LVM stuff. Vgchange does not find any volume groups. I can't say much because
lvm is pretty "early stuff" on this box; so it is pretty unusable. All I know
for now, as I changed a little my boot scripts to be more verbose, is that
vgchange -avvv y returns this kind of message:
hdXN: cannot read LABEL
and this message for all parts it can test....
As I need this box up and running, I came back to 2.6.9-rc3-mm3 (it works
pretty well). I will be able to run more tests on it, tomorrow but for now
that's all I can provide.

Oh and dmesg didn't have any oops or BUG in it, and seemed quite usual,
in IDE detection and settings messages and device-mapper messages.

However, I use dm-crypt to encrypt my / (no initrd, just initramfs) and
it works under 2.6.9-mm1, so the bug is likely to be in IDE stuff.

Sorry, for not being able to provide more infos. I will see if I can try on
another LVM'ed box but not for critical stuff.


Lots of luck ... please pass your crack pipe arounds so the rest of us
idiots can see your vision or lack of ...

- Andre Hedrick on linux-kernel

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