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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: Generic VESA framebuffer driver and Video card BOOT?

> Actually I sent the kernel patch to call some userlevel vgapost utility
> on this same thread around a week back. I am sending it here again.
> I don't think sending a big userlevel code tar file is appropriate on
> lkml.
> I will send that in a separate mail to Matthew and Stefan. If anyone
> else
> wants to play with it, just let me know.
> It works for me on various systems with Radeon card. It didn't help on
> systems with Intel Graphics card.
Works for me too. You can add "Acer Travelmate 800" to the it_works_on
list ;-)

> Stefan: Yes. Usermodehelper won't work during the driver resume. But, it
> works later after the kernel threads are woken up. With attached patch
> and
> with user level vgapost I can get video back, both on X and VGA console.
> It doesn't help with framebuffer, as the framebuffer reinitialization
> happens during the driver resume, which is earlier than this vgapost
> call.
I expected this, but I hoped that it works somehow with radeonfb.

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