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SubjectRe: Linux v2.6.9 and GPL Buyout
Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

>On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Pekka Pietikainen wrote:
>>On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 11:38:03AM -0600, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>>>On a side note, the GPL buyout previously offered has been modified. We
>>>will be contacting individual contributors and negotiating with each
>>>copyright holder for the code we wish to convert on a case by case basis.
>>arch/m68k/sun3/leds.c is available (dual BSD/GPL) for the price of two beers
>>(I believe nobody else has touched it so it should be all mine).
>>The other files of the port to that very fine architecture are largely done
>>by other people, so unfortunately I can't relicense those.
>Aarghl, a shameless m68k hacker!
>And I thought we all did it for The Big Fun(tm), and cannot be bought ;-)

With leds.c, that's 13 lines down and only 5982412 more to go at my
count. At a rate of one per day it'll only take him 1260 years to
finish his acquisition (dependent on 63 more US copyright extension acts
of course). It'll also take 920 thousand beers, though Germans might
demand a better rate than 54ml per line of code (2 * 12 US fluid oz / 13

In all seriousness, this is all pretty obvious given SCO's past actions
to inflate their stock. Jeff wants us to remove the code in a "good
faith effort", and then SCO would simply turn around and say "See, the
Linux people are acting guilty by removing all that code! We need past
damages now!". Anything you do, or do not do, is spun by them as an
admission. Even the press has tired of this by now, thankfully. Jeff
it seems, has not.

Now if only we could get him to leave us alone for 1260 years...

- Jim

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