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SubjectRe: 2.6.9-mm1
Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:
> > - reiser4: not sure, really. The namespace extensions were disabled,
> > although all the code for that is still present. Linus's filesystem
> > criterion used to be "once lots of people are using it, preferably when
> > vendors are shipping it". That's a bit of a chicken and egg thing though.
> > Needs more discussion.
> Your tree also has various rejected core changes for it still.

Which were they?

> > +add-simple_alloc_dentry-to-libfs.patch
> >
> > Code refactoring
> I think this should go into fs/dcache.c and be called something
> like d_alloc_name or similar.

Yup, I changed it to do that.

> > +hfs-export-type-creator-via-xattr.patch
> I haven't heard an answer on the comments on this on on -fsdevel yet..

To use the generic xattr code? Yes, we're waiting to hear back on that.

> > +make-__sigqueue_alloc-a-general-helper.patch
> >
> > posix timer code tweaks
> Any reason it's marked inline now?

It isn't any more ;)
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