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SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
Timothy Miller wrote:

> The reason this idea came up is because I, as a user of Linux, am often
> frustrated by the lack of open-source support for graphics cards which
> are not "pre-owned". Sure, SOME companies release specs so that we can
> develop open source drivers, but those cards tend to be prohibitively
> expensive, slower than their cheaper counterparts from ATI or nVidia,
> and they STILL don't document the internals of the BIOS so that the card
> can be ported to a non-x86 system.

What has this to do with the kernel? More relevant on X server, OpenGL or GPGPU lists?

Baseline - I can get accelerated 3D graphics and video overlay
and YV12 and VGA registers with open source driver that compiles
for PowerPC and DEC Alpha today for $85 - Radeon 7500 PCI. 'ati' driver at
If you can improve on that then I will buy one for each of my Alpha and PowerPC systems. are programming multivendor graphics cards for
general purpose computing BUT the toolchain involves a proprietary
compiler which is single platform.
What good is a card with open source hardware and open source
driver that is programmable BUT the toolchain is proprietary?

Stephen Lewis
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