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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.9-ac2
>> >2.6.9-ac2
>> >o Flash lights on panic as in 2.4 (Andi Kleen)
>> It would be cool to have the pc speaker doing a toneladder when the Kernel

s/toneladder/pcspkr beep scale/;

>> oopses. That is (was) especially helpful when in X when the lights did not
>> flash. Might as well add to the accessibility of the kernel.
>Sometimes it's possible to continue normally after an Oops. For months,

And sometimes, it just locks up and you wait forever, thinking that X might
just block again because someone's hogging.

>even years. This could get annoying in a data center real quick.

Well this of course should stay as a compile-time (better yet: sysctl) option
that is set to 'n' by default. Home users who wish to use it may enable it.
I once wrote this, but did not port it to 2.6 since accessing the speaker

Jan Engelhardt
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