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SubjectRe: Gigantic memory leak in linux-2.6.[789]!
Kristian Sørensen wrote:

> Anyway - How does this work in practice? Does the file system
> implementation use a wrapper for kfree or?

When an app faults in new memory and there is no unused memory, the system will
page out apps and/or filesystem data from the page cache so the memory can be
given to the app requesting it.

> Is there any way to force instant free of kernel memory - when freed?

It's not free, it's in use by the page cache. This is a performance feature--we
try and keep around as much stuff as possible that might be needed by running apps.

> Else it is quite hard testing for possible memory leaks in our Umbrella
> kernel module ... :-/

Such is life. As a crude workaround, on a swapless system you can start one or
two memory hogs and they will force the system to free up as much memory as

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