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SubjectRe: my opinion about VGA devices
On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 10:27:08AM -0700, Kendall Bennett wrote:
> As for the framebuffer console, it exists purely to get high resolution
> text consoles working with basic graphics capabilities. It was never
> intended to be a complete graphics environment, but just the console that
> can be used in graphics modes. The original versions of the framebuffer
> console code were developed not for x86 machines but for non-x86 machines
> that did not have any VGA capabilities at all (ie: Mac's). For Linux to
> work on such machines, the console needed to be able to output text in
> graphics modes since that is what the machines booted in. Once this was
> done for non-x86 boxes, it was realised this would be a 'cool' feature
> for x86 machines for two reasons. 1 - you get a nice high resolution text
> console, way better than VGA text mode and, 2 - you can display the cool
> penguin logo ;-)

And last but not least - you can have several such framebuffers in a
single machine, possibly for multi-user purposes. VGA
wants to be the only one of its kind . . .

Helge Hafting
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