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SubjectRe: The naming wars continue...
On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Hey guys, calm down, I meant "naming wars" in a silly kind of way, not the
> nasty kind.
> The fact is, Linux naming has always sucked. Well, at least the versioning
> I've used. Others tend to be more organized. Me, I'm the "artistic" type,
> so I sometimes try to do something new, and invariably stupid.
> The best suggestion so far has been to _just_ use another number, which
> makes sense considering my dislike for both -rc and -pre.
> However, for some reason four numbers just looks visually too obnoxious to
> me, so as I don't care that much, I'll just use "-rc", and we can all
> agree that it stands for "Ridiculous Count" rather than "Release
> Candidate".
> More importantly, maybe we could all realize that it isn't actually that
> big of an issue ;)

Besides... -pre and -rc additions do not sort correctly unless your sort
routine has special cases to take care of it.

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