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SubjectRe: The naming wars continue...

Hey guys, calm down, I meant "naming wars" in a silly kind of way, not the
nasty kind.

The fact is, Linux naming has always sucked. Well, at least the versioning
I've used. Others tend to be more organized. Me, I'm the "artistic" type,
so I sometimes try to do something new, and invariably stupid.

The best suggestion so far has been to _just_ use another number, which
makes sense considering my dislike for both -rc and -pre.

However, for some reason four numbers just looks visually too obnoxious to
me, so as I don't care that much, I'll just use "-rc", and we can all
agree that it stands for "Ridiculous Count" rather than "Release

More importantly, maybe we could all realize that it isn't actually that
big of an issue ;)

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