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SubjectRe: Linux v2.6.9 and GPL Buyout
I'd like to see the list (as well as knowing which kernel version the
list comes from) as would many others, I suspect.

Brian Wheeler

Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

SCO Just sent over a list of contaminated files with a "bill of health"
certification for Linux that if we remove the identified files
they will certify our Linux distribution as clean. They are also sending
out some form of statement that we are
not affiliated with them, and that we are competitors of SCO since we
use Linux. They claim the following and I have
a listing of files, lines numbers, etc. they told us we must remove in
order for our Linux appliances to be considered
"clean." This info might be useful to others. They have a cert program
to remove the areas.

Here it is. I can get the line numbers of the file and their names if
anyone needs it, but the list is very big.

46 files
109,688 lines

101 files
56,587 lines

44 files
32,224 lines

173 Files
119,130 lines

1,185 files
829,393 lines

Total files/lines they [allege] contains SCO source code
1,549 files
1,147,022 lines

If you guys want the specific line numbers and filenames, I will ask
them to post the specific filenames/line numbers they claim
are theirs. They stated we can ship Linux with fear of being sued if we
comply with their Linux Certification Program.

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