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    SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
    On Gwe, 2004-10-22 at 21:43, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > engineers to write a complex 3D driver from scratch. If your company
    > _leads the industry_ in creating a standardized interface, doesn't
    > everybody benefit?

    Not always - sometimes you win (Soundblaster, IBM PC) and sometimes you
    lose. Often you only win if you have a quality differentiator so you can
    sneer at the opposition and use words like "PC clone" and
    "Soundblaster compatible"

    > Another advantage is that a simple "do GL" interface is much more
    > "future-proof" interface, since it is a very high level interface.

    Not really, we are heading towards real time raytrace and the hardware
    and low level changes dramatically for that (including wanting to do non
    light traces for audio mixing, explosion models etc)


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