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SubjectRe: [patch] Real-Time Preemption, -RT-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-U9.3
On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 14:40 -0500, wrote:
> >No, the fix was for the missing pci shutdown in tulip.
> I thought the two were related (since I get the failed to shutdown
> message right after that traceback. Perhaps the 8139too needs
> that same shutdown fix.

The shutdown fix is neccecary, but it is not related to the other
problem. The shutdown message will also happen , if you unload the
module manualy. The patch below fixes only the shutdown warning. For the
other one I need more information.



diff -urN --exclude='*~' 2.6.9-mm1-U10/drivers/net/8139too.c
--- 2.6.9-mm1-U10/drivers/net/8139too.c 2004-10-22 19:10:44.000000000
+++ 2004-10-22
21:52:19.000000000 +0200
@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@
pci_release_regions (pdev);

+ pci_disable_dev (pdev);
pci_set_drvdata (pdev, NULL);

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