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SubjectRe: IO performance problems with 2.6.9
Peter Zaitsev wrote:

> 4) Unrelated but still unfortunate. 2.6.9 kernel seems to behave weird
> if swap is disabled. I was running with 8G of memory allocating 6G for
> MySQL buffers which left about 1.5G for kernel, 1G of which was used
> for file cache. During IO intensive run, using buffered IO I got
> "kswapd" running like a crazy taking 90% of CPU time on one of CPUs.
> What for is it running if there is no swap files enabled ?

Can you boot with profile=2, and get a profile of about 30 seconds
while kswapd is going crazy please?

Also capture /proc/vmstat before and after that interaval.

Can you also capture a the output of vmstat 1 while this is happening

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