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SubjectRe: M$ Mail-servers
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Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Nate Riffe wrote:
>> I cannot believe Richard B. Johnson said this on the ENTARNET:
>>> Anybody got some ammunition I can throw in the way
>>> of the local Net Nazi who is going to make all email
>>> go to a centralized mail-server where one has to
>>> access it through a web-crawler like it was yahoo.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> UUCP over SSH. Need a hub to link to?
> Not quite yet. "I've only begun to fight!" They won't
> trust us with getting mail into our physical systems
> anymore because they think that we can get viruses
> and spread the plague like M$. They don't understand
> that virii, worms, and clap are M$ instruments.

How about locating a version of MyDoom or something, and showing the the
"cannot execute binary file" error message that Linux gives you. If you
can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that This Isn't Windows... then
you might be able to show that virii[1] aren't a problem.

Also, what do you mean by "web-crawler"... By that do you mean webmail?
I don't see that protecting users' systems very effectively...
(especially if it supports HTML email, and they use IE -- eeek! IFRAME
exploit anyone?)

The other thing worth pointing out is that such a web interface will
generate a significantly higher load on the mail server, as there's the
task of rendering the HTML and parsing the form data on top of trying to
speak fluent SMTP.
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1. Actually, there are one or two Linux virii running about. I think
I've heard of 2 in as many years. A far cry from the Microsoft world
where it isn't unheard of to see one every few days.
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