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Subjectkernel BUG at smp.c:402

I was unlucky enough to run on 2.4.27 (pub/linux/kernel/v2.4/)
without custom patches
just some more modules:
2_ft-par v1.00.0.15.tgz (promise ft3xx sata raid driver)
with hyperthreading enabled and smp support on cpu
cpu family : 15
model : 2
model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz

at Oct 22 12:10:30 into
kernel BUG at smp.c:402!
invalid operand: 0000
+ some more lines which i runned through ksymoops (sorry after reboot)

I hope it will be usefull and that i have done it the correct usable way
Compiled on debian woody's current gcc-3.0 + binutils. Could this be the
reason? I remember i have seen some sort of warning with kernel named in
it and link failure...

need more info?
please CC.
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