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SubjectGigantic memory leak in linux-2.6.[789]!
Hi all!

After some more testing after the previous post of the OOPS in
generic_delete_inode, we have now found a gigantic memory leak in Linux 2.6.
[789]. The scenario is the same:

File system: EXT3
Unpack and delete linux- with this Bash while loop:

let "i = 0"
while [ "$i" -lt 10 ]; do
tar jxf linux-;
rm -fr linux-;
let "i = i + 1"

When the loop has completed, the system use 124 MB memory more _each_ time....
so it is pretty easy to make a denial-of-service attack :-(

We have tried the same test on a RHEL WS 3 host (running a RedHat 2.4 kernel)
- and there is no problem.

Any deas?

Kristian Sørensen
- The Umbrella Project

E-mail:, Phone: +45 29723816
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