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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Sonypi driver model & PM changes

I have been looking at the sysdevs in present in the kernel and noticed that
sonypi was registering itself as a system device. Surely it is possible to
suspend it with interrupyts enabled, so it better be converted to a platform
device. I course of convert I also did some additional changes:

- get rid of extra whitespace and convert to the kernel cosing style:
... However, there is one special case, namely functions: they have
the opening brace at the beginning of the next line...

- convert sonypi from using MODULE_PARM and __setup to module_param.
The parameters are:
sonypi.mask= - exported through sysfs, writeable
sonypi.verbose - exported through sysfs, writeable

- convert sonypi sysdev to platform device, drop old-style PM code
since APM does call device_suspend anyway so the new style handlers
will be called.

- switch sonypi_misc_read to use wake_event_interruptible instead of
a homemade copy, fix small race there, make sure that the device
is fully initialized before turning the interrupts on.

- convert from pci_find_device which is obsolete to pci_get_device.

Warning: I do not have the hardware som while the code is compiles and I am
pretty sure it is correct it has not been tested.

Should apply to 2.6.9

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