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SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Knutar <> writes:
Jan> On Thursday 21 October 2004 19:34, Stephen Wille Padnos wrote:
>> I'm thinking more like microcode. The functional blocks on the chip
>> would be capable of being "rewired" by the OS, depending on the
>> applications being run. All of the functions would still operate
>> out of card-local memory.

Jan> Are you thinking something along the lines of an
Jan> optimizing+profiling host-CPU-software-renderer to
Jan> FPGA-reprogrammed JIT accelerator? :)

Jan> The idea of reprogramming the hardware to toss out the line
Jan> drawing and other things that GTK and friends probably only
Jan> present to X as pixmaps anyway, and use that 'die space' for
Jan> something else, is certainly appealing.

Jan> Of course, for a software -> hardware JITc, I think the budget
Jan> required would be a few magnitudes more than mentioned here
Jan> earlier, and half a decade of debugging or more ontop..

This isn't *strictly* related to the main topic of this discussion, but:
You might want to look at the Stretch CPU (,
which, incidentally, runs Linux. Or rather the Xtensa part of it does.


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