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SubjectRe: [Vserver] PROBLEM: Oops in log_do_checkpoint, using vserver
* Stephen Frost ( wrote:
> * Herbert Poetzl ( wrote:
> > have seen that too, once in a while, but there where
> > some changes in 2.6.9, so maybe trying 2.6.9-rc4
> > (or soon final) with vs1.9.3-rc3 (not much changed
> > here, see delta for details) would be a good check
> Ok. I had been planning on moving to 2.6.9 and 1.9.3 as soon as both
> were final. Guess I can try the RC releases though. :)

Alright, I got the same oops w/ 2.6.9 and vs1.9.3-rc3:

Assertion failure in log_do_checkpoint() at fs/jbd/checkpoint.c:361: "drop_count != 0 || cleanup_ret != 0"

I noticed someone else had this problem too:

I also followed up on that w/ my oops from

I also upgraded to 0.30.195, though I don't think that (or vserver in
general, really) is related to this oops.

If there's anything else I can do to help get this resolved, please let
me know.. This is the only problem I'm having with this server now,
other than this it's behaving pretty nicely. :)


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