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Subject[PATCH] change pagevec counters back to unsigned long and cacheline align

Change pagevec "nr" and "cold" back to "unsigned long",
because 4 byte accesses can be slow on architectures < Pentium III
(additional "data16" operand on instruction).

This still honours the cacheline alignment, making the size
of "pagevec" structure a power of two (either 64 or 128 bytes).

Haven't been able to see any significant change on performance on my
limited testing.

--- rc4-mm1.orig/include/linux/pagevec.h 2004-10-15 01:02:39.209481760 -0300
+++ rc4-mm1/include/linux/pagevec.h 2004-10-15 01:17:58.853674592 -0300
@@ -5,14 +5,15 @@
* pages. A pagevec is a multipage container which is used for that.

-#define PAGEVEC_SIZE 15
+/* 14 pointers + two long's align the pagevec structure to a power of two */
+#define PAGEVEC_SIZE 14

struct page;
struct address_space;

struct pagevec {
- unsigned short nr;
- unsigned short cold;
+ unsigned long nr;
+ unsigned long cold;
struct page *pages[PAGEVEC_SIZE];

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