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SubjectRe: using crypto_digest() on non-kmalloc'd memory failures
James Morris wrote:

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Oleg Makarenko wrote:

>>Is there any better way to use crypto api for arc4 or similar ciphers?
>>Cipher block size is not always a natural choice for the crypto_yield().
>>Especially for fast ciphers (arc4) and small "block" sizes (arc4 again).
>ARC4 is a bit strange because it's a stream cipher. I guess we could add
>another encryption mode 'stream' which is optimized for one byte at a time
>- James
That would probably require one more parameter to
cin_encrypt/cia_decrypt, something like "nblocks" which currently is
always 1 and one more struct crypto_alg field that would help upper
level to decide how many blocks it can safely encrypt/decrypt() at a
time before crypto_yield(). This value depends on algorithm speed and
should be chosen to make overhead smaller. It could be > 1 even for
fast block ciphers and should be > 1 for stream ciphers.


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