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SubjectRe: I/O card vs linux
On Monday 18 October 2004 00:31, Stephen Wille Padnos wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>This may be OT, but can anyone advise me on a pci card thats
>> basicly an 8255 with a 34 pin or greater port on the card or back
>> panel to bring out all 3 ports, and a suitable linux compatible
>> driver for it?
>3 possibilities: (there are more, including some with industrial
>protection, isolation, etc.)
> : PCI-DIO24 and PCI-DIO24H, $89. These are
>basically a single 8255 connected to the bus through a PCI glue
> chip. They don't seem to provide a driver, but I would think the
> board would be set up automatically by the PCI code, and then there
> are just the standard 4 ports to read/write (you just have to find
> the base address theough the PCI subsystem).
> : NI-PCI-6503, $145. This is a 24 I/O board, but has
> added logic (like a programmable power-on I/O state). There don't
> seem to be Linux drivers, but they may exist if you ask tech
> support. (NI is fairly Linux-friendly - they made a LabView/Linux
> version).
> : PCI-1284-P2, $39.95. This is a dual IEEE1284
> PCI parallel port card, with Linux drivers. It's not quite what
> you're looking for, but it will give you 24 I/O's (16 bidir, 10
> dedicated, 2 interrupts).
>Hope this helps
>- Steve

I did find the NI site, but the $ scared me off, I'm trying to do this
on the cheap since I'm mostly retired now. I have a triple 8255
board with 72 I/O lines from coming now, with surface
shipping, a hair over $70. I don't believe the output is more than
what the 8255 can sink by itself, no real buffering seems to be
visible in the photo's on their wab page. Its called the PCI8255.
The byterunner card might possibly be usable too but it didn't fall
out of the search terms I used. Bios wise, I'll find out when it
gets here sometime this week.

Thanks Stephen.

Cheers, Gene
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