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SubjectRe: I/O card vs linux
Gene Heskett wrote:

>This may be OT, but can anyone advise me on a pci card thats basicly
>an 8255 with a 34 pin or greater port on the card or back panel to
>bring out all 3 ports, and a suitable linux compatible driver for it?
3 possibilities: (there are more, including some with industrial
protection, isolation, etc.) : PCI-DIO24 and PCI-DIO24H, $89. These are
basically a single 8255 connected to the bus through a PCI glue chip.
They don't seem to provide a driver, but I would think the board would
be set up automatically by the PCI code, and then there are just the
standard 4 ports to read/write (you just have to find the base address
theough the PCI subsystem). : NI-PCI-6503, $145. This is a 24 I/O board, but has added
logic (like a programmable power-on I/O state). There don't seem to be
Linux drivers, but they may exist if you ask tech support. (NI is
fairly Linux-friendly - they made a LabView/Linux version). : PCI-1284-P2, $39.95. This is a dual IEEE1284 PCI
parallel port card, with Linux drivers. It's not quite what you're
looking for, but it will give you 24 I/O's (16 bidir, 10 dedicated, 2

Hope this helps
- Steve

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